LIEAP-Low Income Energy Assistance Program

 Operated from December 1 st thru March 31 st .

 Qualifications: Eighteen years of age or older, number in household and


 Amount available: $300-$500, limit one payment/year, do not have to owe,

and $85 is subtracted from income if the client is receiving SS or disability

funds. Money is tax free [Federal prog.].

CIP-Crisis Intervention Program

<> Operated year-round, July1 st thru June30 th

* Qualifications: Must have a past due balance or a disconnect, income and

number in household. Income limit is higher than LIEAP.

* Pays up to $600 and you may apply many times.

LIHWAP-Low Income Home Water Assistance Program

 This is a temporary program and if you are disconnected, the entire bill may

be paid. If not disconnected the amount is up to $600.

TANFEA-Temporary Assistance Needy Family Economic Assistance {rentals


 Qualifications: Must have relative [child] under eighteen years of age. Must

have income in the house and employment of thirty [30] hours per week.

 Maximum amount: $400 a year

 Wake County Energy Website. I will list some info off that page here:

To receive additional information or to submit completed applications:

Online Application: ePASS
Fax: 919-212-7085


P O Box 46833
Raleigh, NC 27620-6833

Drop off an application at:

Eastern Regional Center

Health & Human Services - Eastern Regional Center
1002 Dogwood Drive
Zebulon, NC 27597

For more information about the Energy Program:
Call: 919-212-0476 or 919-212-7000

Wake County Energy website: